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“I have hired Grow It Yourself for several projects; basic yard clean up, mulch spreading, and rain barrel installation. It is a tremendous relief to have found this small, local operation who is incredibly efficient, reliable, professional, friendly, fast, and does quality work. Grow It Yourself is dependable is a very effective communicator. If you are busy with work and family, of course, this reliability and communication is key. I can't recommend them highly enough.”
March 2016

Courtney Fitzpatrick (Durham)

“A team of 3 worked for 5 hours rebuilding our raised beds, weeding, trimming, planting fruit trees and bushes. They did a wonderful job and our yard looks great after long spring and summer neglect. We look forward to tasting our figs and winter veggie crop!”
September 2016

Gideon S. (Carry)

“Noam is exactly the kind of person you need for your gardening and landscaping needs. He shows upon time, with his own equipment, and works quickly. He can pretty much do any landscaping job you need, including building wooden shelves, boxes, planters, and probably other things. Schedule in advance though-- he has a lot of loyal customers, and we keep him pretty busy!”

September 2015

Alex Mitch (Carrboro)

“Noam built and planted a raised-bed organic garden for me, which has produced more food this summer than I could eat. He also does the landscaping at my house. Noam always does a thorough job and is a consummate professional.”
May 2016

Billy Switzer (Durham)

“Noam is knowledgeable about plants and has a good eye for design. He worked in my front yard and added mulch and trimmed foundation plants. By the time he finished, I was amazed at the transformation. I would definitely hire him again.”
January 2016

Betty Susman (Chapel Hill)

“Noam was responsive immediately and gave me a great product for my limited budget. He added on a last minute gravel job with no hassle or delay. He completed the job well on time. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.”
August 2016

Arlene Smith (Durham)

“Noam did a great job reorganizing and adding new plantings to our front yard flower bed. He also built a beautiful low stone wall around the flower bed. We're very happy with how everything turned out!”
June 2016

Keren Freeman (Durham)

“Noam is awesome! Whatever you need done in your yard, Noam is up to the task. He is talented and very hard working. I wouldn't use anyone else!”
July 2016

Gary Moore (Chapel Hill)

“I hired Noam to weed and clean up my front yard and a few garden beds as well as re-do two raised vegetable garden boxes that are located in an area behind my garage. He did an excellent job cleaning up the garden beds and re-doing the raised veggie beds, they look great! I'm very excited to plant vegetables and may consider asking him to re-do one additional raised vegetable bed. The whole area looks much more appealing and i look forward to growing vegetables this year. Thanks!.”
February 2016

Genny Hover (Durham)

“While I did not hire Noam to build a garden for me, I am sure he would do a great job. In the cold January weather, I hired him to help me with a project with my back yard shed. He was efficient, nice to work with, came up with a way to save money and hauled away not only the debris from what he did but out her debris that I had piled up. And at a very fair price. I wish I had a place in my yard for one of his beautiful gardens, I would hire him in a minute.”
January 2016

Cheryl Mitchell-Olds (Durham)

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