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At Grow It Yourself we are nature loving people and it is very important to us to keep the environment's well being in mind while working on any kind of project. As garden designers we do our best not to harm the environment and work to improve it by planting local plants, selecting bees and other pollinator attracting plants, conserving resources, recycling building materials and never using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We are a business that sees itself as part of the community and local economy, therefore we buy most of our materials from small, local businesses like The Rock Shop, Kiefer’s nursery, The Stone Brothers and others.

Founder and manager: Noam Oshry

Born and raised in Kibbutz Tzora, Israel. When he turned 15 he started working in industrial agriculture (monoculture) owned by the kibbutz and got a lot of experience working with different varieties of crops like: almonds, pecans, pomegranates, grapes for wine, cotton and more. While he was a student in college (2010-2013) he worked on an organic farm for 2 years in order to pay for his education. In those 2 years he became familiar with the organic method of growing vegetables, (no use of chemicals as pesticides or as fertilizers) and gained a lot of experience in growing a large variety of vegetables during all 4 seasons.

In Mid-2014 he moved to North Carolina with his wife, Alisha. Soon after, following his passion for gardening and landscaping, together with a strong desire to share his knowledge with others, he decided to open Grow It Yourself, which fulfills that wish. 


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