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Wouldn't use anyone else.

“Noam is awesome! Whatever you need done in your yard, Noam is up to the task. He is talented and very hard working. I wouldn't use anyone else!”

Gary M. (Chapel Hill)

Custom garden design to build (grow) the life of your dreams.

How we can help you grow

Organic Vegetables

Vegetable, herb and flower

Fruit trees, berries and pollinator flowers. Design, installation and maintenance. Raised bed or inground. Garden coaching and education. 


Traditional design

We build and mend everything from sidewalks and retaining walls to dry creeks and terracing. And plan and install irrigation systems and rain barrels.

Urban Gardening

Clean up and removal

Yard clean-up, pruning and thinning (for optimal growth), organic fertilizer installation, mowing, weeding, mulching, leaf removal and more.


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Noam Oshry
(and founding family: Alisha, Rami and Amalia)

🌱 Garden designer and un-lawn-er extraordinaire 

🌱 Turning NC yards into fertile, edible landscapes

🌱 Proponent of native plants, local business, conserving resources and recycling materials 

🌱 Born and raised in Kibbutz Tzora, Israel and has
been organic farming for over 20 years. 

Your One Day Garden Installation Experience

Our goal is to provide you with the support, training, and tools you need to grow your own food.

We'll work with you to design a garden based on your goals and preferences—then install it in ONE day.

Take a peek below to find out more about the process👇


Vegetable Garden


  • Submit your consultation-request and share your vision for your yard.

  • We'll come out and view your property, identify your needs and answer all your questions.


  • With your needs in mind, we'll create a custom design and quote for your space.

  • When you approve the quote and pay the deposit, you'll schedule your garden-install day.


  • We'll bring all tools, materials and our garden experts to your home and install your new garden in one day!

  • Creating your dream homestead starts with putting the best plants and seeds in the ground so we only use locally sourced, NC-native.


  • As your soil builds and your plants grow, your edible landscape will become a beautiful space for food, habitat and sequestering carbon.

  • Harvest your abundance and enjoy the nutrient-dense  food YOU GREW🌱🥳

VIP Day: Garden in a Day

Reconnect to nature and your food source.
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Fresh Cabbage

Curious about edible landscaping?
Start here👇

Does this sound like you?

😰 “I’m tired of mowing this yard and watering this grass.”
🌎 “How can I lower my carbon footprint?”
🌾 “I want to start farming but I don’t know where to start.”
🌿 “How do I create better soil on my land?”
🥬 “What’s even possible to grow in my yard?”

If so, you've come to the right place.

Urban Gardening



We design, develop and install holistic, turnkey food forest systems, organic and edible.


With your vision and our qualified professional experience, we can create the organic homestead of your dreams, whatever size. 

Community Kitchen Garden



Imagine walking out your door and having access to the most nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables you’ve ever eaten.


We want to help even first-time growers harvest fresh produce and work towards self sustainability.

Joy of Harvest



We'll take into account all the variables a new grower may overlook to make sure your food system has longevity and resilience.


And because plants store CO2, we have the opportunity to make a positive impact environment.

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